Signature is our luxury concept, and includes exclusive yarns spun from Royal Alpaca, Baby Alpaca, Cashmere, Silk, and Mohair. Yarns of 100% Vicuna, the world's most exclusive fiber, are also produced. For further information, please contact us at

  • swatch Majestic 100% Imperial Alpaca
  • swatch Kori 100% Royal Alpaca (19 mic.)
  • swatch Taru 50% Royal Alpaca / 50% Mulberry Silk
  • swatch Trilogy 54% Baby Alpaca / 22% Super Kid Mohair / 24% Mulberry Silk
  • swatch Aypu 44% Baby Alpaca / 10% Super Kid Mohair / 5% Merino Wool (21.5 mic.) / 41% Mulberry Silk
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